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Work Hard

My family ran a very successful restaurant since I was just a lil tyke. I learned quickly that when you own a family business, you make sure everyone knows that you do not give special treatment to your son.

Be good to people

Remember that restaurant I told you about... I think it was successful for two reasons. One, my dad cooked high quality food giving generous portions. Two, my mom gave way too much of it away as she made friends with our guests.

Don't Be Boring

Did I mention our restaurant yet? We had a huge menu with half the meals named after regular customers and friends. Do you have something that is far too special than to be just ordinary? We did!

Web Design / Development Services

Need a new website or a redesign of an existing one? How about an email to reach all of your fans instantly and personally. Whether you are planning on launching a brand new custom built Wordpress website or just need a simple and to the point webpage built, I am your guy. I am experienced with HTML / CSS, Wordpress, Flash, Social Media and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Print / Package Design Services

Banners, Postcards, Business Cards, Door Hangers, Flyers, Package Design, I do it all. I am happy to work with your current brand identity or help you develop a new logo and style that is unique to you. My portfolio includes larger scale print projects like product catalogs and custom wine labels, posters and tee shirt designs. Quality talent, competitive prices, all in onw place.

Product Photography Services

With years of experience and a fantastic camera, consider Austin Design Guy for your next product photography project. I have years of experience working with product photography and creating beuty shots for package design, advertisements and catalogs.

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